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Christopher Guith

Past is prologue, as they say. As we look forward to what 2019 could bring for American energy, it’s worthwhile to look back at 2018 for some hints. With that in mind, here is our “look-back preview” of eight key trends and important issues that we believe will help to shape the year ahead.

Heath Knakmuhs

One of our most popular annual features is our state-by-state comparison of electricity prices.  As in past years, we base our electricity rate map upon the most recent full year price data released by the

Heath Knakmuhs

Bell bottoms, vinyl records, and black and white televisions were all common back in the 1970s.  While there was nothing wrong with these commonplace items back then, they each are viewed as a bit out of step with today’s styles and modern technologies. 

Stephen Eule

Heath Knakmuhs

New Report Demonstrates the Value of Our Diverse Energy Mix

Colin Finnegan

Friday—September 8

See below for the latest information on Harvey’s energy sector impact.

Energy Capacity

Heath Knakmuhs

Earlier this year, the Secretary of Energy requested a report from the Department examining the nation’s electricity grid.  After months of speculation, rampant rumors, leaked drafts, and grossly premature prognostications, the Department of Energy (DOE) this week released  a report very much ref

Heath Knakmuhs

Lately, it seems that some environmental activists are against almost everything.  Their latest cause?  Trying to shut down air conditioning during Virginia’s muggy summer months.  Fortunately, cooler heads have prevailed … thus far. 

Susan Forrester

Did you know that small businesses and consumers across the country are falling victim to a group of criminals that are impersonating utility representatives?


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